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Sea Gadget

Ball Arms


  • 7″ Ball arm w/ round holes


  • 3.3″ Ball adaptor w/ YS end
  • Call for price



  • Double Ball Clamp
  • Call for price


  • Triple Ball Clamp
  • Call for price



  • 90º Base Connector
  • Call for price


  • 45º Base Connector
  • Call for price


  • Tall chess Connector
  • Call for price


  • Short chess Connector
  • Call for price


  • Connector for Ikelite tray
  • Call for price


  • Clip for Hartenberger Handle
  • Call for price


  • Hotshoe Base Connector
  • Call for price


  • Tubular connector for Ikelite tray
  • Call for price


  • Base connector for DSCR handles
  • Call for price



  • 60º Adaptor
  • Call for price


  • 45º Long Base Adaptor
  • Call for price


  • 45º Short  Base Adaptor
  • Call for price


  • Inon Adaptor
  • Call for price

Hotshoe Base


  • Hotshoe Base
  • Call for price


  • Dual Hotshoe Base


  • Extension Block For TB-01 tray
  • Call for price

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