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Ultralight Digital Still Setup


  • Ikelite tray for mid size housing


  • Handle with Ball with rubber grip


  • Quick disconnect Handle with Ball with rubber grip


  • Digital single tray for most Polycarbonate housings


  • Upgrade your digital single tray to a double tray (for 2 strobes)

Ultralight Digital SLR Setup

BA-IKAD-3816 w Ikelite handleAD-3816

  • Use on Ikelite handles (old style), Ultralight Trays, Nikonos Trays
  • Base ball can be used in place of a handle


  • Base adapter for Ikelite’s SLR release handle

BA-TGBA-AQW on an Aquatica handleBA-AQW

  • Wide base adapter for housing handles, specify US or metric screws
  • Fixed ball screw directly onto the handle


  • Dovetail Plate ( Dovetail Female Groove), specify US or Metric screws
  • A dovetail shoe into which you would slide a BA-DT (straight dovetail)

UL for SubalBA-SU

  • Subal Dovetail Plate (Dovetail Female Groove)
  • Subal dovetail that would then take a BA-DT, straight dove tail, or a BA-AD, angled dovetail.


  • Subal Double Dovetail Plate (Dovetail Female Groove)
  • Double subal dovetail. There is room for two base adapters in this dovetail, BA-DT or BA-AD. This would give you a base for an arm and a base for a spotting light, or an Ikelite flash meter, or a base for two strobe arms on one side.Subal tray


  • Fixed base adapter with ball for Subal housings
  • Ball adapter that mounts directly to the top of the housing


  • TR-SCBA-SPFixed base adapter with ball, angled for Subal housings
  • Angled ball adapter that mounts directly to the top of the housing


  • Replacement plate for top of Subal Housing (6mm threaded hole)


  • Bracket to mount Ultralight’s handles to Sea Cam or Subal housings (This is in place of the handle that comes with either housing)

Video Housing Set

Light & Motion Housings

  • 123The Stingray housing requires that you remove the attached piece of lockline tubing that is on the handle and replace it with our BA-LM base adapters. The Mako and the Bluefin housings require that you remove the piece attached to the handle and replace it with our AD-10/32 base adapter.

  • 45If you have been using the Light and Motion flex arms and would like6 to convert to Ultralight arms, remove the bottom piece of the loc line material and screw in our BA-LMB, now you have a ball on the top of L&M quickie release piece and you can build your arm to your video light from BA-LMB base.

Gates Housings

  • All Gates housings take our AD-1420 adapter for the base of our arm system.

Amphibico HousingsAmphibicio Housings - Phenom or Invader, Part name: BA-HSS7

  • Most of the Amphibico housings have a “T” plate attached to the middle of the housing or on each handle. The base adapter that fits on this “T” plate is the BA-TG. The Amphibico Explorer MVI housing for the Canon Optura Camcorder has a “cold shoe” on the top. Our AD-HS, adapter will fit into this cold shoe. Another way to mount your lights to this housing is to use a tray TR-SBLD, and add one or two handles at the ends to have a base for starting your arm.AD-3816
  • For Amphibico housings that have a built in t-plate use BA-TG and slide from front to back. You can alternetly use the hot shoe adapter; but it is not recommended.

Ikelite Video Housings

  • The Ikelite housings come with two handles that have a knob on the top that is easily removed. Our AD-3816 base adapter will fit on the bolt that is sticking up.

Arms & Clamps

Double ball arm segmentsDouble ball arm segments

  • DB-03 – very short arm, look like small dumbells, used for macro photography
  • DB-05 – short arm, used for macro photography
  • DB-08 – medium length arm, used for macro or wide angle photography
  • DB-12 – long arm, used for wide angle photography
  • DB-16 – very long arms, used for super wide angle photography

Buoyancy ArmsBuoyancy Arms

  • DB-BL08 – ¬†8″ Double ball arm buoyancy
  • DB-BL10 – 10″ Double ball arm buoyancy
  • DB-BL12 – 12″ Double ball arm buoyancy
  • DB-BL14 – 14″ Double ball arm buoyancy
  • DB-BL16 – 16″ Double ball arm buoyancy


  • AC-CS – Standard clamp is used to attach two arms, base adapters, AC-TCSAC-CSFand strobe adapters together
  • AC-CSF – This new style clamp is constructed slightly different than the original clamp. This clamp allows 15 degrees side to side movement of the balls.
  • AC-TCS – Triple clamp – replaces a regular clamp in an arm set, allowing use of a flashlight or Ikelite TTL slave (below) or Ikelite flashmeter (see accessories).

Universal Adapters for Base or Strobe Use

These adapters are all the same, they just have different size threaded holesUniversal adapters in them. These threads will take a stud or bolt. Always specify your specific use when inquiring about universal adapters. If you don’t see your application or size listed, we can likely supply it. Specify female threads or the type of male threads you need. (i.e. bolt or stud and the length needed). These adapters can be used as base adapters on trays, strobe adapters or adapters for anything that needs a ball at the end.

  • AD-3816 – For use on Ikelite handles (old style), Ultralight trays, or Nikonos trays
  • AD-1420 – For use with that size hole (i.e. Sartek Video lights)
  • AD-5mm – For housing that has a 5mm threaded hole, AD-MOD is shipped with a 5mm bolt
  • AD-6mm – With a stud for use on Subal housings for spotting light (specify specific housing)
  • AD-8mm – Used for most European strobes with 8mm threads

Strobe  and Video Light Adapters

Sea & Sea, Olympus Strobe adapters, Epoque, Fisheye, & Fantasea focusing light adapters

Sea and Sea and Olympus strobes, Epoque, Fisheye, and Fantasea focusing lights

  • AD-SS – (specify round or square end)
  • AD-SSL – longer version (3 inches)

Ikelite Strobes

Ikelite strobe adapters

  • AD-200 – For Substrobe 200 or DS 200. Does not have a plastic piece to remove, just screw into threaded hole
  • AD-150– For Substrobe 150, 225, 300 or 400 strobes
  • AD-AI – For the Substrobe 100, AI, or AIn strobes
  • AD-125– For the Substrobe MS, MV, 50, DS 51, DS 125, DS 160
  • AD-TTL – Fits into the TTL slave sensor or digital slave sensor

Video Light Adapters


  • AD-UK – Adapter for the UK Sun lights and Light Canon
  • AD-HID– For the Light and Motion HID video light (10/32)
  • AD-MOD – For the Light and Motion Sun Ray video light (10/32)
  • Or most all L&M lights, please specify
  • AD-NR – For the Niterider video light
  • AD-LS – For the Amphibico Discovery Lights

Inon Adapters


  • AD-IN – Adapter for all Inon strobes, either may be used (the adapter on the left is called a BA-HB with 6mm bolt)



New part – Neck Ball adapter AC-NB

  • Will fit on any one of our parts on the neck under the ball. (Sorry will not work on the arms and adapters that Ikelite makes.)

Extend your focusing light with our extra long clamp AC-CSL



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    Any aspect to highlight or simply follow the instructions of your blog?
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