INON Z330 Strobe

  • G.N. 33 and underwater coverage 110' without diffuser thanks to refined design and technology

  • Robust and durable construction against generated heat

  • Bundled rotatable Light Share prevents backscatter effectively even a strobe is positioned close to camera lens

  • 220lm Focus Light aims centre with specially designed fresnel lens

  • Enhanced controllability with large control knobs, phosphorescent control panel/knobs and intuitive manual setting


S2000 Strobe

  • Guide Number 20.

  • Circular 110 degree beam coverage with a diffuser

  • Precise "S-TTL" mode & 12 step "Manual"

  • Built-in EV. Controller to fine-tune S-TTL Auto exposure

  • Next generation wireless TTL

  • Powerful 4 x AA batteries operation

  • Minimum recycle time of 1.5 seconds at full flash

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