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The Nauticam Komodo housing is officially RED APPROVED.  The housing is engineered in a similar fashion to previous Epic LT and DSMC2 LT housings, providing the most compact and travel friendly system possible.  Komodo offers seamless integration with DSLR lenses and the same N120 port system used in Nauticam DSLR and Cinema systems.  Enjoy unmatched user friendly setup and intuitive operation including tool-less setup and tear down in minutes.  Batteries can be swapped without ever removing the camera from the housing, and lens changes can be accomplished in seconds.  

The Nauticam Komodo housing uses the N120 Cinema port system, shared with Nauticam's other N120 platform cameras which allows for easy transition to the Nauticam Komodo from other N120 Nauticam systems. The N120 system also provides access to Nauticam's line of professional premium optics such as the WACP-1/2 and SMC-1/2.

The housing also features adjustable handles with easy access to the cinema style zoom and focus knobs.  On top of the housing is a 1/4"-20 cheese plate which allows for a wide variety of accessory mounting points.

The Nauticam Komodo is also backed by Nauticam's 2 year warranty.

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SKU # 16116



SKU # 16118


Komodo is RED's smallest and most affordable camera to date. 

With 6K resolution, 16 stops of dynamic range, and global shutter Komodo packs an incredible amount of power in the palm of your hand. 


When paired with the Nauticam housing, an easy to use and travel friendly cinema system is created.



#16116 Standard Housing

254mm (W) x 158mm(H) x 246mm(D)


#16118 Housing with Shinobi Back

254mm (W) x 158mm (H) x 324mm(D)


Weight in Air

16116 Standard Housing 4.0 kg

16118 Housing with Shinobi Back 4.9kg


Weight in Water (incl. camera and battery) .: TBD

Depth Rating 80m

Port Opening N120 Cinema